Fan Catches Two Home Run Balls At Yankees Game, Has Caught Over 6,500 Balls, Will Never Be As Cool As Giant Glove Guy

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Zack Hample’s life is pretty cool (or pretty nerdy, depending on your opinion). He has caught over 6,500 balls at baseball games, from the stands. He wrote a book, titled How To Snag Major League Baseballs.

Last night, he caught two balls at the Yankees vs. Diamondbacks game. That isn’t your average SportsGrid genitals joke; he actually caught two home run baseballs at two different seats, far apart, in the Yankee Stadium outfield.

A bit cocky for a ball-snagger, I’d say (that was your average SportsGrid genitals joke).

He’s clearly good at what he does, selfishness and nerdiness aside. I applaud his efforts, yet will refrain from excessive praise. And no matter how many thousands of balls he catches in his normal-sized glove, he will never, never approach the marvelousness of Giant Glove Guy.