Adorable Kids Invent Gross Sandwiches In Honor Of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Adorable Kids Invent Gross Sandwiches In Honor Of Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Exactly one year ago, beloved NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. debuted a decidedly not beloved sandwich on Twitter – the banana mayonnaise. Let’s just say that his loyal fans and the rest of the internet were sufficiently grossed out.

Apparently inspired by Earnhardt and his vehemently rejected sandwich, Hellmann’s decided to create the Strangewich Challenge to celebrate the anniversary of his debut of the mayonnana sandy. They mayonnaise company is one of the sponsors of Earnhardt’s XFINITY series team, so in the spirit of embracing all sandwiches delicious and disgusting, they asked the general public to come up with their own bizarre concoctions.

And to promote the contest – which offers fans the chance to win a VIP race experience with Dale Jr. himself – they had very cute children make truly horrifying sandwiches and then feed them to their parents.

Take a look:

Those parents are some very brave humans and I applaud and salute them from afar.

As far as the contest goes, there were actually some pretty delicious sandwich ideas thrown into the mix.

But there were also some nightmare-inducing ‘wiches that I may never be able to fully scrub from my memory. Dare I say, they are even worse than bananas and mayonnaise? You be the judge.

Tanya Ray Fox

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