Comedy Central Writer Makes Twitter Joke About Death Of Dick Trickle, Feels Twitter Wrath

  • Rick Chandler

Social media tributes to Richard “Dick” Trickle have been pouring in today, after the ex-NASCAR driver died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in Los Angeles.

But comedy writer and standup comic Sean O’Connor decided to pay tribute to Trickle in his own special way. O’Connor is a writer for Comedy Central’s The Ben Show, has appeared on Conan O’Brien, and his Comedy Central Half Hour special debuts on Friday. Nice timing, then, with this tweet today:

Many were not amused.

O’Connor goes into defense mode:

Yeah, if you took to Twitter today to make a joke about the death of Trickle, you’re pretty much for sure an asshole. If you’re not a complete asshole, you’re guilty of being painfully ignorant. But most likely you’re both.

Trickle’s death really came as a shock to a lot of people, and that was reflected on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Twitter can also be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and those folks were out in force as well. Of course giggling at the name Dick Trickle jumped the shark around 1984, and certainly when the guy dies under tragic circumstances, one would think folks would show a little respect. But nope.

Some other examples of their loutish comments below. Comedian Doug Stanhope got into the act.

Ironically, in his act O’Connor calls himself “The most awkward person in the entire world.”

UPDATE: O’Connor replies:

In retrospect, “asshole” is a harsh word.