Critics Rave: The Latest Danica Patrick Go Daddy Ad Is ‘Not That Bad,’ And ‘Less Stupid Than Usual’

  • Jake O'Donnell is known for their salacious advertising campaigns that, most notably, feature scantily-clad women and ABSOLUTELY ZERO INDICATION OF WHAT THEIR PRODUCT IS. Seriously, people over 60 think a “Godaddy” is some sort of escort service.

A few months back, some peculiar on-set photos leaked showing NASCAR pioneer Danica Patrick encapsulated in a prosthetic muscle-suit, among other authentically jacked dudes. It was weird to say the least — and par for the course for (which provides web hosting and domain registration, for the record). What were they filming? Some sort of bodybuilder-zombie apocalypse.

Still not sure where Patrick fits into all this, other than the “Oh my God Danica Patrick is in this” effect, which is why we’re reporting it as “news,” but hey, after Old Spice made those bizarre mom-centric spots, anything goes. Here are the other commercials you’ll be seeing in between action at Super Bowl XLVIII.