This Was The Worst Crash Of Jeff Gordon’s Career

  • Tom Lorenzo

Admittedly, I can’t say that I watched last night’s Budweiser Shootout. But, what I can say is that while I do respect the sport of NASCAR, I am in complete awe when something like this happens and the driver(s) involved is still able to walk off unscathed.

During the 74th lap, poster-boy Jeff Gordon got himself mixed up in a pretty brutal crash, in which he not only rode around the track while upside down, but he flipped a handful of times as well. Sparks we’re most definitely flying. Watch:

This was the third major crash of the day, and, naturally, the most horrific of Gordon’s storied career. And while there was no physical harm done to Gordon, you have to wonder if this might affect him in his next race. Or not. What do I know.

[via NESN, photo via]