Jeff Gordon Is Selling His Swanky 3-Bedvrroom Central Park Apartment For $30M (Guess Who He Lives Above?)

  • Jake O'Donnell


Way back in 2007, Jeff Gordon snatched up this fixer-upper-with-a-rooftop-sushi-restaurant for a measly $9M. Then Bob Costas moved in the place below him and all hell broke lose. His insufferable cuteness forced Gordon to get rid of the trophy apartment, located at 15 Central Park West, for peanuts. 30,000,000 peanuts.

Shows you what lefthand turns can buy.

Gordon claims the building is the only place he ever gets recognized in New York. You mean the opera crowd just around the corner at Lincoln Center don’t know the faces of NASCAR drivers? Getouttahere!

Hell, if he didn’t get recognized at that Dodge dealership a few months back, I’m not sure anyone recognizes him.

Photos via Halstead Properties, H/T For The Win