Marty Reid, After 31 Years With ESPN, Fired For Calling A NASCAR Race One Lap Early

  • Eric Goldschein

marty reid nationwideWe don’t watch NASCAR all that much (though we appreciate our motorsports-loving readers very much and feel their pain, sort of, occasionally), so calling a race one lap early seems like a very easy mistake to make. These guys do drive in circles hundreds of times, after all. And if you’ve been doing NASCAR announcing for 30+ years, you’d think you could get a little leeway for this type of gaffe.

Well, either this was a long time coming or the higher-ups at ESPN are even less compassionate than we thought: Reid was let go after declaring a Nationwide race early for Ryan Blaney last week, even though Blaney would go on to, in fact, win the race a minute later:

Now, Reid has a history of making mistakes, but if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard an NFL or MLB announcer screw up, I’d have a shit load of nickels. Firing Reid mid-season sounds like the knee-jerk reaction, rather than the calm, measured thought processes that motorsports fans are so famous for.

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