Hotel Prices For Daytona 500 Reportedly Higher Than For The Super Bowl

Hotel Prices For Daytona 500 Reportedly Higher Than For The Super Bowl
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Like any great NASCAR superstar, Brad Keselowski is an avatar for America. He’s a good ole Michigan boy who drinks Miller Lite, drives a Ford, loves stock car races and hates overpriced hotels.

It’s the American way.

That’s presumably why Keselowski took to social media to criticize the ridiculously inflated price of hotel rooms for those looking to attend the upcoming Daytona 500.

On Wednesday morning, a motor sports reporter for SportsBusiness Journal tweeted out the exorbitant average rate that the 160 Daytona hotels will be charging on the Saturday night before NASCAR’s most popular race.

So someone looking to catch a night’s sleep before the Daytona 500 will pay $142 more on average than someone who spent a night in Houston prior to the Super Bowl, and nearly double what fans had to pay to stay in Tampa the night before the National Championship.

Keselowski responded to this tweet, clearly dismayed what fans are expected to pay in order to make the trip for the iconic sporting event.

Obviously price-gouging for lodging and accommodations during major events is not exclusive to the Daytona 500. It’s a tactic employed everywhere, but because Daytona is such a tourist-driven area, they seem to be getting away with jacking the prices up even higher than usual.

Although for what it’s worth, they aren’t the only even that has demanded prices even higher than the Super Bowl in 2017. Apparently it cost about $450/night to stay in Punxsutawney, PA just before Groundhog Day.

Ugh. Come on, America. That’s just weird.

Tanya Ray Fox

Tanya Ray Fox is a sportswriter and producer who has worked for nearly 7 years in both digital and television sports media. She has previously worked in TV production experience for Comcast SportsNet New England, NFL Network and Time Warner Cable Sports. In addition to her work for SportsGrid and appearances on the affiliated FNTSY Sports Network, she is also a contributor for USA Today's Rams Wire.