Is The NRA Covering Up A “Self Inflicted” Gun Death At The NRA 500?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Racing is an inherently dangerous sport. But watching racing? That should be relatively safe. Well, after another spectator injury at a NASCAR event, it’s beginning to seem like that isn’t true. But this time, tires weren’t flying into the stands, flaming shrapnel wasn’t scissoring through protective nets. Someone died from a “self-inflicted” injury, after an argument, where alcohol was involved, at the NRA 500, and nobody is saying how it happened.

Is it possible that some drunk guys got into a fight, one of them whipped out a gun that accidentally went off, killing one of them, and somebody doesn’t want anyone to know about it?

Considering you only hear the term “self-inflicted” used in regards to gun shot wounds, things begin to seem suspicious. If you know it’s self-inflicted, why not just come out and say what inflicted the fatal damage? If it was a fall, say he fell. If he drank himself to death, say that. If it was a gun shot, well…you get the point.

Compound that with the gun-centric atmosphere of a National Rifle Association sponsored event in Fort Worth, Texas, where people love to publicly brandish weapons, and you have yourself a compelling conspiracy theory. Did people there have guns on them? Possibly. Were they drinking? Definitely. Could someone have shot themselves at an NRA sponsored NASCAR event in Texas? You tell me.

Now consider what a self-inflicted gunshot wound, at one of their own events nonetheless, would do to hurt the NRA’s cause. It’d be a PR nightmare. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind would put shady cover-up tactics beyond the realm of possible actions for an organization that is working to allow felons and the mentally ill to legally purchase guns. (NOTE: the NRA does not support background checks, which are the only way to screen those trying to buy weapons.)

The longer details about this tragedy take to come out, the more reasonable it becomes to speculate the NRA is trying to cover up a self-inflicted gun shot death at one of it’s own events.

Here’s all we know so far: The deceased, now identified as Kirk Franklin, 42, of Saginaw, Texas, died after a verbal altercation, where alcohol was involved, in or around a pick-up truck. No one else was injured, though people did witness the death, which occurred in a field near the backstretch. They also saw police officers investigating said pick-up truck.

Cause of death? Nothing. We’ll keep you updated if it turns out this guy just fell off the back of his flatbed.

Regarding the race: Kyle Busch set a track record, winning the Sprint Cup Qualifying race, after having won the Nationwide race there on Friday. In doing so, Busch now holds the record of most back-to-back wins, with seven. This is the first time back-to-back wins have happened this year.

Photos by Getty, Washington Post Story Via Fox Sports