No Propaganda Shootout At The NASCAR NRA 500, Says Texas Motor Speedway Official

  • Rick Chandler

By now you know that the NRA 500 is a real thing, and that thing will include the winner blasting away with six-guns in the victory lane celebration. Hey, it’s Texas. Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup event at the Texas Motor Speedway will also include an firearms-themed car (pictured), driven by Clint Bowyer and sponsored by Gander Mountain, an outdoors retail store. Mountain Lion in the back seat? One can only assume. Shake and bake.

What we won’t have on Saturday, however, are people jamming NRA literature into your hand as you enter the Texas Motor Speedway. That’s according to TMS president Eddie Gossage, who says that the race will not become a gun rights propaganda event.

“Saturday night, no one is going to force any NRA literature in your hands. No one is going to be making political speeches or anything like that,” Gossage said. “It’s going to be a race. We are going to have a winner and have a lot of fun, and that’s going to be the extent of it.”

“It’s not about politics. It’s about sports marketing.”

The paint scheme on Bowyer’s car will include the words “With Rights Comes Responsibility; Secure Your Firearms.”

The somewhat surprising thing about this is that Bowyer drives for Michael Waltrip Racing, and as you probably know, at the Daytona 500 Waltrip drove a Toyota with a paint scheme supporting a relief fund for victims of the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Conn.

NASCAR and the Texas Motor Speedway took some heat for accepting the NRA race sponsorship, and again for allowing the continuation of the tradition of the winner firing pistols on victory row. Don’t worry, parents and pet owners: the guns only shoot blanks.

And if you think about it, that would pretty much solve this entire national gun debate, wouldn’t it? Imagine a country in which every gun contained blanks. You could still have any gun you wanted, and run around shooting them all day, looking and feeling empowered. But no one would be hurt: it would all be a bluff. Actually we already have that country: North Korea.