Watch NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski’s Calm And Measured Profanity-Laced Tirade To The Media

  • Dylan Murphy

Brad Keselowski might be the current leader of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series with one race remaining, but everything’s not as peachy as you might think. Although Keselowski took the lead after Jimmie Johnson crashed in Phoenix on Sunday, he’s been a target of criticism for Tony Stewart and others for racing too aggressively and having a “death wish.” That didn’t sit too well with Keselowski, especially after Sunday’s crash-filled race.

In his post-race media session, Keselowski lets his fellow drivers have it. Profanity, accusations, the works. Except look at that composure. Exquisite. No extraneous movements, nothing. Just an organized and well-mannered dismembering of his co-workers, all while relatively keeping his cool. He even has the presence of mind to diffuse the room’s tension by assuring reporters that none of his rage is directed their way. Such a gentleman.

Just watch the video with the sound off and try to tell me that this man is angry. Perturbed, maybe. But profanity-laced tirade worthy? Not at all.

[Awful Announcing]