Woman Slaps NASCAR Driver Following Race

  • Rick Chandler

We take you now to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario, where “Mad Max” Papis and Mike Skeen crashed during the last lap of their NASCAR Camping Truck Series race today, each blaming the other for the wreck.

Following an interview with Fox Sports, a woman runs up to confront Papis, and slaps him in the face. Kind of ironic, since Papis once slapped another driver following a race — albeit while the driver was wearing a helmet.

Papis, explaining the crash:

“The (No.) 6 car (of Skeen), I knew he was going to do something not very (sportsmanlike) because that is what he did before. He was starting to bump me around in the wrong corner. He came in the last corner and just drilled us. And he not only put me in the grass, he put me against Ty.

“It was just an amateur move and I got really upset with him. … I don’t have time for guys like that.”

Papis tweeted later about getting slapped:

Wait, what?:

From the slap in the video above? Really? I find that hard to believe.

Anyway, this also happened:

Skeen, meanwhile, said Papis entered his team hauler after the incident and tried to pull his girlfriend down the stairs as he tried to get past her while looking for the driver.

The woman’s name:

What Papis didn’t know is that today happens to be Slap Max Day.

Chase Elliott won the event.