15 NBA Teams Nearly Named Something Completely Strange

  • David Gonos

15 NBA Teams Nearly Named Something Completely Strange

Basketball teams are interesting groups of people to name as a collection. They are a little different than something like a football team, which usually denotes powerful entities that like to maul things and siege territory, like Bears, Lions, Buccaneers and Raiders. Basketball is a sport played in the air, trying to avoid contact (for the most part), with grace and speed. So it’s reasonable to understand why many NBA teams were nearly named something completely strange.

Previously, we shared with you a few NFL teams that were almost named something weird, and now we’re turning our attention to the National Basketball Association.

15 NBA Teams Almost Named Something Weird

Most of the team name origin stories we found came from NBA.com’s Behind the Team Name History. Some of these team names aren’t necessarily weird as much as they are weird to our ears because it’s completely unnatural.

Photo Credit: Mark Ralston, Getty Images

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