5 NBA Advanced Stats to Help Your Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineups

  • David Gonos


Over the past decade or so, the sports world has begun seeing the advantages of using advanced stats, especially in baseball. Fantasy Sports players, specifically, have seen plenty of advantages, too, since they could start seeing good players that just need opportunities.

Fantasy Basketball players now have several different types of advanced stats, or at least, untapped stats that we haven’t really used dating back to the days of Michael Jordan and Co.

So we’re going to introduce you to a handful of NBA advanced stats that will help you not only in your seasonal Fantasy Basketball leagues, but with your Daily fantasy Basketball lineups on sites like FanDuel and DraftKings.

5 NBA Advanced Stats for Daily Fantasy Basketball Players

For Daily Fantasy Basketball players, advanced stats are even more useful because you have a chance to use different players in different lineups every single night, as opposed to traditional draft-and-keep players. Most of these stats can be found on ESPN.com.

Photo Credit: Bettmann, Getty Images

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