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A Brief Rundown Of The Cavaliers’ Very Weird, Busy Monday

A Brief Rundown Of The Cavaliers’ Very Weird, Busy Monday
  • Rick Chandler

Monday began like most other days with the Cleveland Cavaliers — with LeBron’s servants polishing his solid-gold carriage and grooming his Andalusian stallions. But things soon got weird.

LeBron, noticing that his left hand was still adorned with only three title rings and not he expected four, ordered his employees down at the gym to man the phones and bring him a new superstar. “This one,” said LeBron. “The guy with two first names.”

And so the day began.

Which led to …

Which of course resulted in …

How can he Cavaliers hope to compete with Golden State and bring in fresh talent when their front office is in chaos? That trade for Butler is still in play apparently, but there’s also this:

But what the Cavs can really do to instantly improve themselves is not represented in any of the scenarios above. It requires firing head coach Ty Lue — which actually means relieving LeBron of his duties as behind-the-scenes Prime Minister — and bringing in a coach who knows how to teach defense.

The Warriors had most of the pieces in place but didn’t really kick-start their dynasty until they hired Steve Kerr. That’s the one area — head coach — that the Cavs are reluctant to address, because that would mean forcing LeBron to surrender his autonomy. Until they come to grips with that, the rest of it is just reality TV.