A Bunch Of Ladies Are Claiming The Unenviable Title Of ‘Screaming Spurs Fan’

  • Eric Goldschein

Would you like to be known as the lady that ruined the end of Game 1 between the Spurs and Warriors? You’re not alone. There are a few vying to claim the throne of the “Screaming Spurs Fan,” but there can only be one.

Our first claimant: Lori Aguilar, 32, a self-proclaimed die-hard Spurs fan (with “silver running through [her] veins”) who says she will be at Game 2 tonight, and will continue to scream. She called in to AM 1300 in Austin to discuss her new-found fame. She even gave a sample of her scream, and it sounds pretty legit:

Open and shut case, right? Wrong. There’s another contender to the throne: a San Antonio-area dental assistant named Val Garcia, 23. A tweet went up from a KENS 5 reporter with this photo:

And a later tweet from the outlet claimed to have proof of Garcia’s scream… though the link led to a story without said proof (as of this writing):

Garcia says she doesn’t have a ticket to tonight’s game — so if we don’t hear that high-pitched screech, her theory could hold some water.

Yet another lady, named Vickie Villarreal thinks she’s the one. There’s video of her screaming on the News 4 WOAI website, but this is the extent of her reasoning:

“I got picked up by my parents and they were like, ‘were you screaming a lot?’ My voice is kinda gone, it’s coming back was a little bit hoarser yesterday but I was screaming a lot!”

Three different ladies — if not more — wanting to be known as the most annoying fan in pro basketball. Seems there is no limit to what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. We’ll have to see how things break down tonight, and if anyone can pinpoint the true screamer for us. For now, we’re content with this:

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