We Saw A Glimpse Of The Old Andrew Bynum Last Night, And It Was Beautiful

  • Eric Goldschein

There was a time when Andrew Bynum was one of the best offensive centers in the NBA. After missing all of last year with a knee injury and saying recently that he may never get his old explosiveness back, we caught a glimpse of that old Andrew Bynum last night against the Bulls — and it was a sight to behold.

Keep in mind, that’s Joakim Noah, one of the game’s best defensive centers, on the block. Watch Bynum go to work here in a move that’s reminiscent of the great post players of old:

Gorgeous. When you think of the best centers in the league right now, can any of them boast footwork and post prowess like that? Dwight Howard certainly can’t.

To think what could have been if this guy had been healthy his whole career.