A New Honeymoon In Cleveland: Epic Wedding Photo Is Tribute To LeBron

  • Rick Chandler

The place: St. Vincent Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio. The day: Saturday, July 12. The groom: Nick Jones. Yep, those are all Cavaliers LeBron jerseys, except for the one guy in the Notre Dame shirt*. Well, in that guy’s defense, there probably weren’t enough for all the groomsmen — LeBron jerseys in Ohio are rare. Most have been burned.

Anyway, Jones and Christa Deckard set their wedding date long before LeBron announced that he was leaving the Miami Heat to return to Cleveland. But when it happened, Jones snapped into action. Fox Sports:

Jarred Wagner of Inlux Photo in Canton was the man behind the lens for the awesome photo, which he said was the groom’s idea and took two takes to nail.

“I quickly collected my jerseys and we got everything rolling,” Jones said, reacting ecstatically when he found out the news of LeBron’s decision Friday. “We pulled the photo off even better than I could expect.”

So there’s a lesson here. First, it shows that LeBron will indeed have a new honeymoon period in Cleveland. Couples can get back together and let bygones be bygones. Second, the bride who allowed this is pretty much awesome. Third, the Cavs need to update their look.

*Yeah yeah yeah we know that’s his high school shirt chill chill.