A Quick Shot Chart Comparison Shows What A Great Deal The Nuggets Got On Nate Robinson

  • Eric Goldschein

Both Monta Ellis and Nate Robinson were free agents this past offseason, and both recently signed deals with new teams. Ellis moved on from the Bucks, joining the Dallas Mavericks for three years and $25 million. Robinson went without a suitor for weeks before agreeing to a two year, $4 million deal with the Nuggets.

Most casual NBA fans could tell you that $25 million is too much for Ellis, and $4 million too little for Robinson. But reddit user “Bananq” compared the two players’ shot charts side-by-side and showed just how much the Mavericks were not getting for their money.

Though neither could be called an “efficient” shooter, Robinson clearly gets the nod over Ellis — and that’s despite Robinson taking more total shots last year.

Nate Rob gets a bad rep because he’s ridiculously tiny and used to do things like shoot at the wrong basket. And there is much more to the game of basketball than just shooting. But the Nuggets and Mavericks were both looking for scorers this offseason, and it appears that the Nuggets got the much better deal.