A Timeline Of Odds On Paolo Banchero To Go First Overall

The NBA Draft is hours from being underway, yet the drama is already here. The odds over at the FanDuel Sportsbook continue to bounce around based on news, rumor, and plenty of betting handle. As we prepare for one of the most exciting times of the NBA offseason, here is a timeline of how odds have shifted throughout the week for Paolo Banchero to go number one overall.

Monday, June 6th (+2600)

Banchero opens at 26-to-1 to be selected first overall in the NBA Draft. Jabari Smith is the heavy favorite at -600 and Bachero even sits behind Gonzaga seven-footer Chet Holmgren on the oddsboard.

Monday, June 20th (+170)

After shifting between +1200 and +2300 for two weeks, Banchero finally saw some favorable movement in the week leading up to the draft after soaring to +170 to kick off the week. It’s the shortest odds he has seen at number one since the market opened.

Wednesday, June 22nd (+440)

The Duke product starts floating away from the shorter numbers heading into midweek. It looks as if the Magic are going to be taking Jabari Smith at number one. Banchero’s odds continue to shorten to go third overall to the Houston Rockets.

Thursday, June 23rd (-210) -> (+350)

Banchero skyrockets past Smith up to -210 in the middle of the night between Wednesday and Thursday. The market has completely shifted towards him as he becomes the favorite to go first overall for the first time in the market’s existence.

A tweet from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski at 8:41 a.m. on Thursday morning stated that the top three order of Smith, Banchero, and Chet Holmgren was “increasingly firm,” per sources. The market reacts as Banchero falls back to +1000 and Smith climbs to -10000.

Throughout Thursday afternoon, the Banchero steam resumes as his odds shorten by the minute. He finds himself as high as +100 while Smith plummets to -135.

Current Odds

Things have settled a bit as Banchero is priced at +420 with Smith at -650 just over an hour before the draft. Uncertainty remains, but it has been a roller-coaster ride to reach this point on the FanDuel Sportsbook.

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