WAG Spotting: This Is Chris Bosh’s “Secret” Wife

  • Glenn Davis

The Heat’s Chris Bosh recently married girlfriend Adrienne Nicole Williams, according to official documents. It’s a done deal – only Bosh denies it. He responded to inquiries about the marriage with this:

“Not yet, man, not yet. I was made aware of stuff leaking out or supposed information leaking out. Yes, I am scheduled to be married, but we’re not there yet.”

This says otherwise, and unless you want to start up the equivalent of the birther movement about Bosh’s marital status, it’s convincing. Ball Don’t Lie points out that playing it so coy is unlike the often-attention-hungry Bosh – maybe he had a bigger, splashier announcement planned, or…maybe he really is trying to keep it private.

And in case this leaves you wanting to familiarize yourself a bit more with Adrienne Nicole Williams…well, that’s why we’re here. And here she is.


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