After Anthony Davis Destroyed The Brazilian National Team, We're Asking Who He'll Replace On The NBA's Top 5 Player Ranking?

  • Jake O'Donnell

There’s always an awkward period in sports when young superstars surpass the last generation while the older guys still in their prime. By any and all objective measures, New Orleans Pelicans’ center Anthony Davis will be the next guy to hop into that elite class of top five NBA talents, the question is not necessarily “when” but “who.”

Who will he replace on this era’s NBA Mt. Rushmore?

As it stands right now, a ranking of the top players is ordered something like this, with the names in bold making up the spots up for grabs after Durant and LeBron:

– Anthony Davis
– Derrick Rose
– Paul George
– Stephen Curry
– Carmelo Anthony
– Kevin Love
– Chris Paul

– LeBron James
– Kevin Durant

If Davis’ scoring, rebounding, and defensive numbers continue to rise, it’s almost impossible to keep him out of that semantic-though-important top five ranking. Although he’s only played two seasons, Davis has already achieved the vaunted basketball accomplishment of averaging a double-double, and only one player in the list above has managed to do that. It’s hard to ignore the kind of impact a player like that can have on an NBA game, so we have to ask the question: Who’s getting the boot from the top five when Davis inevitably averages 25 ppg and 12 rpg?

Obviously not the top two guys, but spots three, four, and five are totally in play for the 21-year-old assuming he continues on his current trajectory. (We’re thinking Kevin Love misses the cut, just because he’ll no longer be the best player on his team for the next four years.)

Which of these potentially top 5 NBA players has Anthony Davis officially replaced as a superstar? Vote below:

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