Amir Johnson Got Away With The Most Egregious Double-Dribble Ever

  • Dylan Murphy

The NBA doesn’t really do traveling, per se. (Someone on YouTube compiled a “Top 10 uncalled Travels” video, and the fact that said video exists is statement enough.) In last night’s Raptors-Trail Blazers game, the Association kept up their proud tradition of looking the other way.

Toronto’s Amir Johnson caught the ball just above the elbow and took one dribble towards the basket, awaiting a dribble-handoff. But it wasn’t there, and Johnson wheeled around looking for someone to pass to. Except no one was open.

So why not dribble it again, right? Johnson did, taking one hard dribble towards the hoop and throwing up a floater (which went in!) over defender J.J. Hickson. Johnson knew what he did, chuckling to himself as he ran back down the court, but apparently all three referees thought better of blowing their whistles.

Just for clarification, it’s pronounced “DUH-bull-DRIH-bull.”