An Illustrator Has Rendered James Harden’s Beard Into, Dare We Say, Several Beautiful Pieces Of Art

  • Jake O'Donnell

Graphic artist Filip Peraić (@filiperaic) is a rare breed, in that he’s really really really good at illustration AND he’s huge a sports fan. Either that, or he just really likes beards. Hey, if you dig beards, you’ve picked the right one — James Harden has a Socrates-calibur chin mane. Assuming you read sports blogs, you’ve probably seen a lot of Peraić’s work before, seeing as he’s done stuff for Grantland in the past (like this trippy Dwight Howard polygon piece).

[] Filip Peraić is an illustrator and designer experienced in working for some of the biggest brands of the world like IBM, Mercedes Benz, ESPN, WIRED Magazine and Fly Emirates in fields in between design and illustration. Working internationally with base in Zadar, Croatia, Europe.

Today is the first day you can see his “James Harden Illustrated” collection in its entirety (via Facebook) — which are embedded in the slideshow below. We urge you to buy the original prints here, or check out his other stuff on…