Report: Andray Blatche’s Cell Phone Had “Compromising Pictures” Of The Alleged Rape Victim

  • Dylan Murphy

More details have emerged since news broke yesterday that Nets forward Andray Blatche, along with two other men, were taken into custody for questioning following a 21-year-old woman’s rape allegation. The incident reportedly took place in Blatche’s suite at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, where he was staying for last night’s game against the 76ers.

According to ABC, there were six –and not three– men in the suite, and they met the alleged victim at the Philadelphia gentleman’s club “Delilahs.” With three women (including the alleged victim) now accompanying them, the group made its way back to Blatche’s suite.

The victim, who was intoxicated, claims that two men raped her and others saw it happening. However, the three men who were originally in custody, including Blatche, have all been released due to insufficient evidence. It’s worth noting: Blatche is not a suspect, and it’s unclear if he ever was.

ABC also asserts that traces of a date rape drug were found in the suite, but the two men who were taken into custody for questioning along with Blatche claim that the sex was consensual. Blatche reportedly had “compromising pictures” of the alleged victim on his cell phone.

DNA and toxicology tests are pending, and right now, there’s not enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime.