Andre Drummond And Jeannette McCurdy: A Romance Of The Social Media Age

  • Eric Goldschein

andre drummond jeannette mccurdyGet ready to feel old, everyone who didn’t meet their famous boyfriend or girlfriend on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and so on: Pistons center Andre Drummond (20) and actress/singer Jeannette McCurdy (21) are dating after flirting with each other through a series of social media posts. Social media: It’s how rich people — though perhaps soon, all people — online date.

For us regular folks, online dating involves making a profile on a website that asks you to post things like photos, a list of your interests, your height, your weight, what you’re looking for in a mate — essentially, a finely tailored version of the “true you.” Social media asks for no such information. Your Instagram and Twitter and Vine profiles are the truest form of you there is: It’s how you choose to express yourself, whether that’s through photos of your #ootd (outfit of the day), the articles you read that you consider worth sharing, or the way you utilize a six-second clip and turn it into a story.

Drummond liked McCurdy, so he shared a photo of her and labeled it “#WCW” (Woman Crush Wednesday):

They started talking via Twitter:

And now they are all over each other’s Instagram and Vine pages as they go to Disneyland, ride carousels, have romantic candlelit dinners next to old couples and meet each other’s friends. Look (all images via @jennettemccurdy and @andredrummond0):


Cute, right?

This is a courtship that began online but turned as real as any other, and it didn’t involve filling out a lengthy profile or comparing match percentage. Just scrolling through their profiles reveals that they are quite similar: They love to goof off, take photos of their own faces, and be open and honest with their followers. That’s what makes the budding relationship between Drummond and McCurdy so appealing: It appears (emphasis on appears) to be genuine — a quality that so many relationships, built online or otherwise, lack.

So while most of us don’t have the added advantage of being rich and famous to help us vouch for ourselves (“I really do play for the Pistons — see, here’s my boxscore”), it’ll be interesting to see how people of their generation — remember, both of them would still be in college if not for their careers — use social media to connect with people, romantically, both near and far. A scary prospect for us old folks, but nothing new for people like Andre and Jeannette.