Andre Drummond Is Rehabbing His Injured Back By Playing A Drum

  • Dylan Murphy

Other NBA big men have been known to rehab injuries with various off-court pursuits, namely pumping gas and firing some rounds and movie-going. Andre Drummond’s injured back, which is keeping him out of the lineup for 4-6 weeks, does not afford such town-galavanting. Plus he’s a team player, and he doesn’t want to lose touch with the guys.

The Detroit Pistons’ medical staff is similarly team-leaning. Instead of stashing Drummond in a medical back room, they’re letting him parade around practice and the team facility and wherever the team goes; so long as he has his drum, which he is required to carry everywhere in an effort to keep his back straight. And because he just so happens to have a drum, Drummond drums away on it like the drumming Drummond that he is.

Via The Detroit News:

“Andre Drummond beat the drum slowly and softly Monday before the Pistons game against the Charlotte Hornets at The Palace.

And that wasn’t good enough for strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander.

‘You got to work now,’ Kander told Drummond. ‘Let’s go.’

Drummond saw that Kander was serious and pounded on his drum a little quicker. But he was not the second coming of Buddy Rich.

The Drummond drum beat served two purposes. It is helping his sore back get better and it also is a way for Drummond to keep connected with his team. He will be with teammates every day during his rehabilitation. Step one was beating on a drum that he carried with him throughout the game-day practice.

The idea is to strengthen his core by keeping his back straight while he taps on the drums. Drummond injured his back last week and is expected out four to six weeks.”

We always knew he had something in common with Vince Carter.

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