Andre Iguodala Wrongly Identifies His Own Uniform On ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ Game Show Thingy

  • Jake O'Donnell

If someone showed you a picture of the back of your head, can you be 100% sure you’d be able to identify it? What about one of your favorite shirts? How about something you frequently wear to work?

Iggy was given a slow pitched softball on Fox Sports 1’s “Crowd Goes Wild” with the lovely Katie Nolan.

Question: Which team’s jersey contains this partial image:

Answer: The goddamn Warriors.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Andre Iguodala has not worn the white Golden State “California” uniform during his tenure with the Warriors, seeing as he’s only been there for 46 games over the 2013-14 season (and not during from 1986-88 when the jersey was in use). The team does, however, have the yellow one on their team store site, so he’s not totally in the clear. Watch him incorrectly identify the uniform snippet as that of the Dallas Mavericks. Welcome to live TV, bro. No backies on the gaffesies.