Andrew Bynum’s Non-Basketball Activities Include Pumping Gas And Gun Ranges, Among Other Things

  • Dylan Murphy

Prized trade acquisition Andrew Bynum is out indefinitely and has thus far been a non-factor for the Philadelphia 76ers. Though his and the team’s future seems bright, the immediate climate is not so pleasant. Mostly because Bynum is out and about on the town, getting himself injured and contributing absolutely nothing to the 76ers.

But an injured player has to pass the time somehow, right? And Bynum has not been shy about showing his face around town (to the dismay of some) with his flurry of fulfilling off the court activities. Here’s what he’s been up to, exactly (a huge tip of the cap to Crossing Broad for compiling some of these newsworthy and compelling activities).

1. Ridiculous haircuts (see above).

2. Bungee Jumping!

Fine, fine, this one’s a few years old. But still, we can dream.

3. Bowling!

Woah, I go bowling too! Look at him, man of the people!

4. Pumping Gas!

Just like a regular guy! He’s so regular in all his regular activities!

5. Going to gun ranges!

No, his 7-0 frame is not enough to scare away oncoming attackers.

6. Going to the movies!

This was reportedly taken after seeing Flight. The movie theater! He goes there! I go there too!

We look forward to more of Crossing Broad’s “Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon” because it is one of the best journalistic enterprises on the internet right now.

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