Andrew Bynum’s Hairstyles, Ranked

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Andrew Bynum hasn’t played a game this year for the Philadelphia 76ers due to injury. He supposedly will practice soon, but take that with a few grains of dandruff. While his on-court game hasn’t gotten much work, though, he has taken his hair game to new heights – heights so great that the number of crazy Bynum hairstyles must not only be collected in one place, but ranked. So have a look below at the definitive list of Andrew Bynum hairstyles, ordered from least crazy to most.

And remember, this list is fluid, because he will probably continue to top himself. Andrew Bynum is a creative mastermind.


h/t Bleacher Report

Photos via Ball Don’t Lie, The 700 Level, Ball Is Life, Washington Post, Business Insider, USA Today, Philadunkia, Slam, The Great Mambino