Let’s Take A Moment To Show Andrew Bynum’s Ridiculous Hair The Respect It Deserves

  • Glenn Davis

Andrew Bynum’s not going to play basketball for a while yet, and he’s apparently decided that he’s going to use that time away from the game to get weird. Or at least, to get real weird with his hair. This was already readily apparent via an increasingly-out-of-control afro, but it really hit home last night, when Bynum was spotted on the Sixers bench with… whatever this is on his head:

Naturally, people had a lot to say about this – mostly about how ridiculous Bynum looked. Because come on: looked at how absurd he looked! How couldn’t you say something about that?

But here’s the thing: Bynum’s hair should also be lauded. Bynum’s YOLO-y tendencies were already the stuff of legend, but this hair cements it beyond a doubt. Andrew Bynum is gonna do him, and we’d all best be okay with that, because it’s happening regardless of what any of us think. And aside from entertaining us all as we await what insane fashion decision he’ll make next, Bynum’s hair is also a force for good. How do we know? Because its power is so great that it got Skip Bayless to say something not-horrible:

Skip is right. Holy crap, Skip is right. He has finally said something bearable, and we have Bynum to thank. What has your hair done lately?