Anthony Davis Hits A Three, Gets The Foul, Taunts John Calipari

  • Glenn Davis

Anthony Davis was an emergency addition to USA Basketball’s national team when Blake Griffin went down with a knee injury, but he acquitted himself well in a warmup game against the Dominican Republic last night, scoring nine points in 10 minutes in a 113-59 romp.

Of course, Davis had some extra motivation to put on a show last night: the Dominican side was coached by his now-former mentor, John Calipari. So when Davis got fouled while hitting a last-minute three to stretch Team USA’s lead from 50 to 53 points, it might have looked like the least-dramatic four-point play opportunity in basketball history on the surface, but Davis’ reaction made it superb:

As the announcers said, Davis was probably just telling Calipari he should have let him shoot more threes last season – coach Cal was clearly tickled by whatever it was Davis exactly said. We have to say, though: he might have only been 3-for-20 on threes at Kentucky, but that stroke looked smooth. Smooth enough to get Hornets fans very excited.