A Vine Video Has Surfaced Of Anthony Davis Being Stripped And Spanked In The Kentucky Locker Room

  • Jake O'Donnell

In the words of Springfield’s Honorable Judge Roy Snyder, “Boys will be boys.” Sometimes that involves this.

Whatever it is, exactly…

Bullying? A kinapping? “Horseplay”? Shiatsu massage? The trailer for the new Hobbit movie? Something worse? Our best bet is hazing — so expect this Vine to gain traction around the internet, what with the Richie Incognito story and the ritualistic abuse of athletes front in center in the news. In the video, Davis appears to be in the Kentucky locker room, so we can safely assume this happened at least a year and a half ago. He appears to be cool with the treatment — though, we doubt he enjoyed it — but that won’t stop this video from becoming part of the greater discussion about bullying and sports.

Do these kinds of shenanigans actually bring people together? Does hazing correlate to success? Does stripping a teammate and spanking him have any redeeming value outside of schadenfreude? Even if it does help you win, should it still be allowed to continue? A study on the subject at Colgate University in 2005 concluded that, “hazing is a means to keep players committed to the team, rather than to their own glory,” and that humiliation breeds some degree of cohesion in groups. “Since discomfort is a big part of how hazing works, perhaps putting people through ordeals with social benefits might be a way to do it…[like] ‘building a house for Habitat for Humanity.'”

We agree. That’s a better team building method than this.

H/T Deadspin