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Antoine Walker Says Jimmy Butler Is ‘A Bad Locker Room Guy’

Antoine Walker Says Jimmy Butler Is ‘A Bad Locker Room Guy’
  • Jake O'Donnell

The Chicago Bulls draft night trade of their best player took a lot of people — Bulls fans especially — by surprise. Coupled with the fact the Minnesota Timberwolves gave up the oft injured Zach LaVine and mediocre sophomore point guard Kris Dunn, the trade was even more puzzling. (They also swapped the 6th pick for the 16th.) In fact, if you try to pull off this exact deal in NBA 2k17, the game laughs at you. There had to be more to this deal than just swapping on-court talent, and randomly, it seems as though Antoine Walker was the one to enlighten us all as to why Chicago was so eager to rid themselves of such a promising young superstar.

“He’s just a bad locker room guy,” Walker said Monday morning on ESPN radio. “A lot of outbursts took place throughout the season with the coaches and the players.”

“When you’re trying to build something in Chicago and he’s your best player, he needs to be a leader, and he was a poor example, and that’s why I think the Bulls parted ways with him.”

Could be total bullshit, as Butler seems like a really mild-mannered, thoughtful dude, but then again, he has all the right in the world to be frustrated with his tenure in Chicago.

Jake O'Donnell

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