Are The Cavs Gaining Pieces For A Kevin Love Deal?

  • Igor Mello

The Cleveland Cavaliers completed a minor trade with the Utah Jazz on Tuesday, that may suggest that they’re preparing to acquire Kevin Love. Normally a trade like this in the offseason sends minor shockwaves, but when LeBron James is on your team and you’re in the pursuit of becoming relevant again, it matters.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Cavs acquired John Lucas, Malcolm Thomas and Erik Murphy in exchange for Carrick Felix, a future second-round pick and approximately $1 million in cash. Lucas, Thomas and Murphy all have unguaranteed contracts, which would facilitate a trade with Minnesota. Also the Bulls have made a renewed push in the Love sweepstakes, so that may have nudged Cleveland to get going a bit.

Love is obviously one of the most coveted players this offseason. He led the league in double-doubles (65), and finished third in PER (27) and in win shares (14.3) last season, only behind both Kevin Durant and possible future teammate, LeBron James.

Still, Cleveland’s biggest trading chip is Andrew Wiggins, and at this point, there’s no logical reason for the Cavs to trade him before he signs his rookie contract. So ultimately, we may still be a month away before the end of the all this Kevin Love speculations.