Are The Golden State Warriors Really Going ‘Extinct?’

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is not a basketball overreaction because the Golden State Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers. Apparently it’s a real thing that the Warriors might become “extinct.” Sort of.

They’re considering changing their name. But only if fans are on board.

Shelburne states the team “will be seeking input from fans on whether they should change their name” when they make their move across the bay to San Francisco in the coming years. Though their initial stadium plans fell through, the Dubs recently announced an agreement to set up shop in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood, per

The Warriors team name will survive the transition, for now, but the organization is considering going back to being the San Francisco Warriors—the name it played under from 1962-71.

It’s probably a smart move, branding-wise. I would assume that most non-Californians don’t know where the hell Golden State even plays, besides the vast scope of the “Golden State.” But in a rare, awesome turn of events… a sports franchise is actually going to listen to its fans. Or so they claim. Which do you like better? Let us know.