The Celtics’ Avery Bradley Is The Multitasker Of The Day After This Shoe-Tying/Steal Combo

  • Glenn Davis

It was impressive enough when Avery Bradley was tying his shoes while getting back down the court. I don’t know about you, but if my shoe comes untied while I’m walking, re-tying requires stopping and kneeling. And that’s while walking forwards. I wouldn’t have the slightest chance of doing this while walking backwards. [tries, just to make sure] Nope, not even close.

Amazingly, though, redoing the lace isn’t the most impressive trick Bradley turns here. No, that’s that somehow, in the midst of tying his shoe while trying to stay somewhat involved in the action, he actually did stay involved enough in the action to record a steal almost the second he finished with his shoes:

It’s almost like Bradley was playing possum, making himself appear out of it while secretly being right on top of everything. And that would be brilliant in its own right, but he looked like he was genuinely fiddling with his shoelaces, so instead it’s just a sort-of amazing feat of awareness of one’s surroundings. It was one of four steals Bradley recorded last night, along with 28 points. He’s on a bit of a roll lately, scoring 21.6 a night over his last five games. Credit the Celtics for developing him… but we don’t think they practiced this.

[Pro Basketball Talk]