Here’s How You Know The Bandwagon Is Filling Up: Tony Parker’s Ex-Wife Predicts Spurs In Five After Game 1

  • Eric Goldschein

You might know her as “Eva Longoria,” but around these parts she’s called Tony Parker’s ex-wife. They were married once, but now they are divorced, and based on the fact that Parker was allegedly messing around with a teammate’s wife, it probably wasn’t the most amicable breakup. But maybe they’re cool now. We don’t know.

Regardless, it appears that Eva still has a soft spot in her heart for the Spurs. Or at least she revealed she did after they took Game 1 from the Heat last night.

Maybe she always felt this way and just forgot to tweet it out before the series started. But you know the bandwagon is getting full when a player’s ex-wife is saying his team will beat the defending champions in a mere five games after they already took one.

As weird and ill-timed as Longoria’s text was, it doesn’t compare to the one Dick Vitale sent out in response.

Yep. Bandwagon full. It sounds awkward as hell on there though, I’d rather walk.

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