You Can Now Watch The Nets While You’re Taking A Dump At The Barclays Center

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You ever pay 100 bucks for mediocre seats to watch the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center and have to take a dump because of those $18.50 Red Hook Lobster Pound’s lobster rolls you ate before the game? But you don’t want to go and throw away that $20 of value for the 10-minute trip? I feel for you.

But you no longer need to hold it in! As of yesterday, you can actually watch the game while excreting fancy lobster rolls! The Barclays Center introduced PoopVision StadiumVision, a feature you can pull up on the arena’s iOS or Android app, which lets you watch the game while you relax.

For the first time anywhere they’ll have instant access to live game footage from a handful of different angles, plus replays and stats from the game. And if they want to order nachos while waiting in the beer line, they can do that too.

This is made possible by the arena’s free, public Wi-Fi, which we assume is strong even on the pooper. It’s a pretty awesome feature.

Yes, you can watch replays and it’s not technically just for use while pooping, but come on, you know that’s why you’re excited, you greasy-food-loving New Yorker, you.

And as an added bonus: unlike for most of their history, the Nets are not playing within a toilet-like arena, with fecal players running around inside, pretending to play sound basketball.

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