Toronto Raptors Technically Aren’t The Worst Team In The NBA, Even If Andrea Bargnani Thinks They Are

  • Dylan Murphy

Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors could miss up to two months thanks to a torn ligament in his right elbow. This would be a bad thing, on most teams, except Bargnani began the season in one of the worst slumps of his career and the Raptors are near the bottom of the entire NBA. Not to mention that he’s largely been a disappoint since being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft. But that the Toronto Raptors are so bad, even with additions of Landry Fields, Kyle Lowry (granted he’s been injured), Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas, is somewhat of a shock to the league.

Suffice to say that a team with DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Ed Davis and Jose Calderon shouldn’t be losing this much. Making the playoffs might be a stretch, but surely not worst team in the league. Bargnani has been the focal point of the blame, mostly because he’s an easy target as a high pick draft bust, but it hasn’t only been him. Bargnani, for his part, is aware of this, and is not holding back his frustration in an effort to save face.

“Nothing has worked from the beginning of the season. We are pretty much the worst team in the NBA. This summer’s moves in the [trade and free-agent] market were made to build a winning team, but we are not winning. We are below all of the expectations. No one is used to playing with anyone. We have won four games: it’s a tragic thing. Whatever way you look at it, it is a desperate situation. Since four years ago, we have kept losing. To improve, the only thing we can do is to win, and for now, we have not.”

Technically, just barely technically, the Washington Wizards are the worst team in the NBA with a record of 3-16 and a .158 winning percentage. Toronto, at 4-19, has a winning percentage of .174. Still: the Toronto Raptors suck, and it’s not often you see a player concede defeat so flatly. Even in Kobe Bryant’s recent interviews with Stephen A. Smith, he did not totally throw in the white flag. Then again, he does have Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and Pau Gasol to help him wade through his troubles. Bargnani, well he only has this, it seems.

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