Baron Davis Asks New Yorkers To Deny Their Very Nature And Pay Attention

  • Eric Goldschein

If you grew up in New York, or even if you’ve visited New York for a few days, you come to realize that New Yorkers pretty much don’t give a shit about the world around them. They’re going to text and listen to indie rock while walking headlong into oncoming traffic, sending bicycle messengers sprawling and truck drivers palm-first into their horns, and if you don’t like it, then GEDOUTTAHERE! But Baron Davis and the city’s Department of Transportation want to change all that. That’s going to be a tall order, though.

This new “Heads Up” campaign launched today, along with a bunch of print ads and reminders on coffee cup sleeves that, hey, if we all just follow the rules of the road, we’ll be a lot safer, right?

Foolish Baron Davis and DOT. Don’t they know that jay-walking and biking the wrong way down the street and texting while you walk and not looking both ways are quintessentially New York? You’ll have an easier time getting us to stop drinking big-ass sodas than having us take the ear buds out for a moment and make sure we won’t get run over by a dollar van. But thanks for trying fellas.

You know what I would say to Baron Davis if he hit me with a basketball for not paying attention? “Oh my god… you can walk?

h/t Gothamist, via Deadspin