Baron Davis Apparently Suffered The Most Painful Injury In NBA History

  • Tom Lorenzo

According to the Charlotte Observer, New York Knicks point guard Baron Davis has suffered the most brutal injury in NBA history. I imagine that Davis, who is expected to miss the next four-plus weeks with a herniated disc, did a spit-take when he saw this misprint in the newspaper. There’s nothing worse than being told, by the Charlotte Observer, no less, that your manhood has been “ruptured.” Ouch.

I don’t even know what to say here. How does one suffer such a horrific injury? Actually, it’s probably better that we don’t know. And seeing as Davis was at practice yesterday doing some light running and shooting, I think we can safely say that it’s his back that’s injured, contrary to what the paper told us.

[Update: Davis has responded on Twitter, writing:Thanks Charlotte Observer for announcing my new injury. Still able to workout with it. Lol.” He then followed that up with, “That was a joke people. Excuse the person from the Observer who made a Typo. . I was Just having fun. My Goldmember is not herinated. Lol.” Nice.]

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