Baseline Cameraman’s Leg Falls Asleep At Pacers/Bulls Game, Tries To Walk It Off, Fails

  • Jake O'Donnell

Every time my leg, arm, foot, or butt (once) falls asleep, I’m 100% certain feeling will never return. Then 30 seconds goes by and everything’s fine and I go back to life as usual. Strangely enough, guys who sit indian-style for a living, like kindergarten teachers and cameramen, have to learn to cope with the discomfort and immobility and sheer terror that come with sleepy limbs — or Paresthesia as it’s known in the hypochondriac medical community — because it’s part of their world.

Watch as this guy tries to carry on without without blood flowing to one of his legs. (He may look like a spastic ding-dong, but don’t act like this hasn’t happened to you.)

H/T Next Impulse Sports