Bennett Salvatore, NBA Referee, Now Has One Career Steal

  • Dylan Murphy

Bennett Salvatore is a 32-year NBA officiating veteran – meaning he’s rather familiar with the role of an NBA ref on the court and knows not to interfere with players or touch the ball. Early in the Houston-Philadelphia game last night, Maalik Wayns of the 76ers dribbled into the lane, reversed course and fired a pass back out. The pass was probably intended for Jason Richardson, except the ball was nowhere near him. Instead it made a beeline for Salvatore – he’s 62 years old, by the way – who was unable to get out of the way. But the referee is technically a part of the court, so Salvatore should have let the ball barrel into his stomach. But athlete that he is, he caught the ball and recorded his first career steal.

[The Basketball Jones]