Best And Worst Career Moments of Monday's Free Agent Signees

  • Joe Polito

Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger and Channing Frye have new teams, but none of them is a household NBA name these days. Luckily, YouTube exists to remind us of all the impressive/horribly embarrassing things these players have done in their careers. Let’s run through the highs and lows, shall we? Roll the tape …

Channing Frye – Four years, $32 million with the Magic
Best moment on YouTube: Hitting nine threes in a game

The year was 2011, and Steve Nash was making everyone’s job in Phoenix way fucking easier. That included Mr. Frye, who capitalized by hitting a career-high nine three pointers against Minnesota one night.

That stellar performance was a far cry from this moment during his rookie year. Watch Frye hurl the ball 120 feet despite the fact that NBA courts only stretch 94. Isaiah Thomas looks super happy about it.

Josh McRoberts – Four years, $23 million with the Heat
Best moment of YouTube: Dunking on Chris Andersen in the playoffs

Ah McBob, one of the NBA’s most unconventional players. He’s a tall dude that likes to pass. He’s athletic despite looking like an overgrown pizza delivery guy. Don’t believe me about his athleticism? Now you do.

Fun fact: Before he was a dime-dropping Andrew W.K. lookalike, McBob was the MVP of the 2005 McDonald’s All-American game. And he’s still got it. Here’s the phantom cam footage of McRoberts posterizing Chris Andersen.

You can almost see the passing of the torch happen mid-air when Birdman realizes he will not be blocking this dunk attempt: “Go forth, McBob. You are the new bearded white guy with an attitude in Miami. But do get some more tattoos, won’t you?”

On the flip side, he did get crossed up pretty dirty by one Andrea Bargnani earlier this year.

Danny Granger – Two years, $4.2 million with the Heat
Best moment on YouTube: Hitting game-winner against the Knicks

One of Granger’s career highlights also came in 2011, when he hit this nice step-back to beat the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony apparently wanted no part of that last play defensively. By far the best part of that clip is when Granger excitedly jumps into the waiting arms of Lance Stephenson, who still donned the warmup back in those days.

But a few years prior, Shawn Marion rested his shins on Granger’s forehead with this electric throw down. Funny enough, Bargnani also shows up in this lowlight, dishing the outlet pass to Marion.

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