Best Possible Destinations For Chris Bosh This Off-Season

Best Possible Destinations For Chris Bosh This Off-Season
  • Marcus Blackwell

Yesterday it was announced that the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh, and the players’ association were extremely close to reaching a resolution that would make Bosh a free agent. Bosh has not played in an NBA game since February 9, 2016, but has stated that on a number of occasions that he is healthy and ready to get back on the basketball court. With that being said, if they are able to confirm his health, there are a number of organizations in the league that would benefit from having him join their roster.

Below are the top three teams we feel would greatly benefit from picking the 33-year-old veteran, Chris Bosh.

Houston Rockets:

Last year the Rockets went 55-27 and were the 3rd seed in the Western Conference. Houston has one the best offenses in the league and also has one of the most talented benches in the NBA. One of their only flaws as a team would be there scoring on the interior. Picking up someone like Chris Bosh who can create his own shot, stretch the floor just as well as any of the other big men on their roster and has great experience would be a huge piece to have alongside a superstar like James Harden. In the Mike D’Antoni system, he would be an ideal fit.


Oklahoma City Thunder:

The Oklahoma City Thunder, despite being the worst three-point shooting team in the NBA, had a fairly successful year this past season. Russell Westbrook also had an exceptional individual season, but they are clearly in need of a counterpart to play along with him. Bosh will stretch the floor much better than Steven Adams and Taj Gibson can, and putting him with Russell Westbrook will be very beneficial for Bosh as he gets older. Right now it’s tough to gauge what kind of Bosh we will get if he does play next season, but if he does come back like the Bosh of old and the Thunder pick him up, things will definitely be looking up in OKC  next year.


Washington Wizards:

The Wizards are one or two players away from being a true contender in the Eastern Conference.  John Wall is a four-time all-star who is only getting better, Bradley Beal is quickly ascending into stardom and Otto Porter has shown that he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the future. If they can somehow get Chris Bosh this offseason without breaking the bank, he will be a perfect third option for the Wizards, especially with much of their core talent still developing.