Now There Are Big-Brand Redesigns For All 30 NBA Teams (And The Sonics)

  • Eric Goldschein

denver nuggets by mcdonaldsThe timing couldn’t have been better: Adam Silver was just talking about how we should expect advertisements on NBA jerseys within five years, and last week Behance user Dead Dilly released a new batch of “big-brand” redesigns that give us a scary yet compelling look into the future of marketing in the NBA.

We first saw Dilly’s work back in December and were blown away by the imaginative ways he spliced well-known companies and designers like GM, Supreme and Marc Jacobs with existing NBA jerseys. Now he’s got redesigns for all 30 teams, a few alternates and throwbacks like the Sonics and (Vancouver) Grizzlies.

Remember: Feel free to enjoy these, but be advised that they may become the standard within a generation. Though what would you prefer — a brand-engineered jersey, or a jersey with Adidas patches on its sleeves? At least these have character.

Check them out, and then check out the college versions:

(Note: Please help us fill in the brands we don’t know.)


Give your respect to Dilly after clicking through here. There are even more awesome redesigns on his Instagram.