Bill Russell To Young Baller: ’11 Championship Rings, Mother F@#$er’

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Remember that time that Phil Jackson was asked to show his two Knicks championship rings on Twitter, and he responded by tweeting a picture of all 13 of his various NBA rings? That is how the Zen Master rolls, and tweets. Dickish humblebraggery. That is not how Bill Russell rolls, though. He is more curt.

We bring you this via a talk that ex-basketball-coach Johnny Bach gave to Sweden’s Sundsvall Dragons, your Swedish cousin Jonas’s favorite Swedish basketball team.

If you were wondering, yes, Bach’s use of the word “crusty” to describe Russell’s disposition is apt, despite its hilarity. And it opens up a world of possibilities, first bringing to mind the new, obvious nickname for Gregg Popovich: “Crusty the Coach.” Beat the Heat, Crusty.

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