Billboard Beatdown! San Antonio Mocks Miami's Big Three

  • Igor Mello

For the first time since the 1997-98 season, the same teams as last year have made it back to the NBA Finals. The Spurs and the Heat respect each other, so you’re probably not going to see much trash-talking on the court. Off-court? Now that could be a different story.

With less than 48 hours before the start of the NBA Finals, a beauty of a billboard knocking Miami’s Big 3 went viral on Twitter.

Although the jokes are funny, there’s no true formula for winning in the NBA. Both front offices have taken completely different approaches to finding success. The Spurs have won four championships since 1999 and have built their squads through the draft, while the Heat are back-to-back champs and have been to the Finals every year since the start of the Big Three era. Seems to me like the folks in San Antonio are still bitter from Ray Allen’s miraculous three-pointer in Game 6 of last year’s series.

Apparently, the billboard was put up last year and we still haven’t seen an official response from Miami. Don’t expect one either, although I kind of wish this billboard was real. Unfortunately, it was photoshopped.