Blake Griffin Airballed A Three, And The Warriors’ Bench Went Wild

  • Glenn Davis

Blake Griffin’s not the best pure shooter, but he’s better than he’s often made out to be. His free throw percentage, while still not very good (64.3 percent) is significantly better this year than it was last season (52.1 percent). And as far as midrange jumpers go, he actually shoots them at a clip not far off the league average – sure, he’s not great, but he’s a long way from the disaster area some think he is.

And yet, with all that said, he is probably not a guy you want taking many threes. He’s taken 55 of them in his NBA career and made just 12, so when he takes one you can safely assume something not great is about to happen. And yet, when he took one against the Warriors last night – and, predictably, something not great for the Clippers happened – the Warriors’ Kent Bazemore reacted like the Clippers bench might have if Griffin had dunked Andris Biedrins into last Tuesday:

It’s worth noting that Griffin made up for this miss with one of his best all-around games in a while (26 points, 13 rebounds, eight assists, three steals and two blocks), though he actually missed another three in addition to this one (let us know if it was a desperation heave at the end of a quarter that we missed; that would make it more understandable). Nevertheless, he’ll have a tough time living this one down.

And Kent: love the enthusiasm. It was a good moment for your team, you were leading at the time (the Clippers would later go on a run before the Warriors came back to win in the fourth), it was amusing – we get it. But honestly, have you never seen a 6-10 guy not known for his shooting touch airball a three before? Is this leftover bad blood between the Warriors and Griffin at play? Because if you were just genuinely that excited to see this happen, we’re eagerly awaiting your wild courtside celebration over Dwight Howard missing a free throw.

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